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My passion is to help small business owners build their business and take home more money. I offer several different services to help you do that!


Bookkeeping Services

If you are feeling overwhelmed with your bookkeeping, or you just want a second set of eyes on your books, I can help. I have 20 years of experience, and I can help make your bookkeeping painless.

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Business Coaching

Sometimes you need a little help figuring out how to get to where you are going. Think of me as your business travel guide. I’ll help you decide where you want to go, and the roadmap to get there!

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Challenges and Courses

One of the hallmarks of a good business person, is that they are constantly learning and growing. Check out my expanding list of business finance courses, and find something you can learn!

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The Sky is the Limit!

Entrepreneurs are an adventurous bunch. Full of big ideas; they are confident risk-takers, motivated go-getters, and ingenious problem-solvers. There’s not a mountain to high that they won’t tackle the climb, and they will keep after it until it’s conquered or die trying. For the entrepreneur, the sky is the limit.

But sometimes, being an entrepreneur means knowing when to ask for help. Finding the right person to take care of the business side of things, while you are out conquering mountains and big ideas. If you want to take your business to the next level, I’d be happy to help get you there. We’ll work together to find the right path for you and your business to get to your Profit: Destination!


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Do what you do best

You are an entrepreneur. You have big ideas and goals; an expert in your field, right? You know how to get out there and bring in the money, but maybe you aren’t so good at keeping up with the books. But while it can sometimes be tedious, bookkeeping and business planning are as important as the hustle, so we would like to help! Let us take care of your books, so that you can do what you do best. Get out there and conquer your mountain!


Quickbooks Training

Are you a DIY-er? Just rather do it yourself than ask someone else to help? Or maybe you just need a little refresher on how to do something in Quickbooks. Or you would like to know the best systems and processes for getting your bookkeeping done every month, in just a few minutes a week? Check out my YouTube channel where I have Quickbooks training, business-building tips and more! 

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